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About Us



We were born as a company, with illusions and wishes

ALICO S.A. was founded in Colombia–Medellin on July 10, 1981, a year in which foreign companies dominated the casing industry for the stuffing of meat products. It was born with the representation of international firms that offered a local alternative through fibrous and cellulose casings and through natural pork casings used for the stuffing of sausages.

Today, ALICO S.A. do more than just business, we also manufactures packaging for different sectors  such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial, using simple and complex plastic structures with specific uses, thus allowing the packaging of virtually any product.

ALICO S.A. has three production divisions through which it offers a comprehensive service to its customers:


Focused on the production and marketing of synthetic covers and edible collagen sausage applicable in the meat, dairy, bakery, fruit pulps and industrial products, using appropriate technology and offering printing up to ten photo-quality inks.


It produces bags and sheets with different characteristics such as barriers that contribute to the preservation and increase of shelf life, sealings that give different forms to the packaging improving the presentation and prints up to ten inks with applied technologies, that allow to print excellent photographs, with a Quality that highlights the brand and the qualities of the product.


Here you will find a wide range of semi-rigid packaging, both generic and exclusive, aimed at all sectors of the industry; It has the technology to manufacture and print packages with the way the products and the market requires.

In addition to the consolidation of our three divisions, we offer various products and options that complement the packaging, such as: aluminum caps, paper solutions, thermoshrinkable bags, accessories, dies and shapes that guarantee preservation, practicality and excellent image of our customers’ products.

During the last thirty-five years, we have stood out in the market for having a fundamental framework focused on the development of the “small” and “medium” industry, offering minimum amounts of printing at competitive prices that allow these two types of business to have the best presentation, and in the case of those who do not meet the minimum quantities for the order, we offer a wide portfolio without printing, which is available to the public in our retail outlets.

We offer to the industry comprehensive, innovative, versatile solutions and at the forefront of global trends, where the main goal is to offer our customers products of excellent quality at competitive prices, with a after sales service and a qualified technical and commercial assistance, features that allow us to differentiate ourselves and grow nationally and internationally.



We are leaders in comprehensive solutions in packaging, we are known for providing excellent service at all levels of the organization, through innovative practices, ensuring continuous improvement with high standards of Quality and Productivity.

We generate profitability to our shareholders and satisfy our customers, offering them the latest technology, new developments, reliability and opportunity.

We are committed to caring for the environment through programs aimed at managing environmental aspects and impacts. We promote the safety, health and progress of our people by generating opportunities for development.


To consolidate ourselves as the best solution in service, innovation, quality and price, in the manufacture and marketing of barrier packaging for small and medium print runs at national level and be recognized as one of the best in Latin America, promoting sustainability strategies that allow us the economic, environmental and social balance with high standards of productivity, all this based on sound principles and corporate values.

Integral Policy

At Alico, we are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing flexible barrier and thermoformed packaging. We are oriented to the satisfaction of the interested parties, committed to:

1. Manufacture and Market innocuous and quality products based on the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices and accompanied by an excellent service.

2. Promote our employees welfare, training and implementation of institutional values.

3. Ensure healthy, safe processes and the strengthening of self care in our employees.

4. To work permanently in the prevention of pollution, the care of the environment and the efficient use of resources.

5. Comply with applicable legal requirements.

6. Continuously improve our processes through integrated management system and implementing TPM.


1. Meet 100% sales budget.

2. Achieve and maintain over 90% in customer satisfaction level.

3. Maintain a monthly return rate of less than 0.5% with respect to sales.

4. Maintain compliance of 95% or more in quantities delivered.

5. Maintain compliance in order delivery times equal to or greater than 95%.

6. Achieve and maintain 90% satisfaction in our employees, through the development of work wellness programs.

7. Maintain an accident rate of less than or equal to 5%.

8. Comply in 100% the programs directed to the management of the environmental aspects and impacts.

9. Comply with applicable legal requirements by 100%.


Environmental management

Alico S.A. In its strategic direction, contemplates within its objectives the fulfillment of the current environmental legislation, the care of the environment and the efficient use of resources, from the management of programs directed to the management of aspects and environmental impacts in all its processes, Under the guidelines of a system of continuous improvement.

Besides to the above, an identification and evaluation of the environmental aspects and impacts is carried out periodically in each one of the processes.

We have the following programs

  • Comprehensive solid waste management program.
  • Comprehensive program of hazardous waste management.
  • Efficient use and control of water spills program.
  • Monitoring and control of fixed and mobile emissions program.
  • Improvements focused on cleaner production.


Within the management objectives for Alico, the health and safety of its workers is a priority, and for this reason we are committed to self-care, prevention and health promotion, through a health and safety management system that Allows compliance with legal requirements, identification of hazards and risks that will give us a wide panorama for the management of such risks.

In addition to focusing our wellness programs to self-care and prevention of injuries among which we are:

  • Health and safety induction
  • Fitness Program
  • Osteomuscular schools
  • Active breaks
  • Health and safety standards
  • Training in postural hygiene

Industrial health

We have actions such as:

  • Support in the implementation of SG-SST Management System
  • Security and health at work
  • Execution of the re-training program emergency plan and evacuation coordinators
  • Planning and execution of evacuation drill
  • Review and update the system of alerts and alarms
  • Review and update signaling
  • Review and update of the fire control scheme with portable fire extinguishers
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Management of personal protection items
  • Management and administration of mechanical aids
  • Review and implementation of visual controls
  • Administration, documentation and control of contractors
  • Management and documentation of permits for high-risk tasks
  • Revision and monitoring of guards for mechanical risk
  • Review and complementing non-slip footprints
  • Emergency brigade
  • Management of unsafe acts and dangerous conditions (Yellow Cards)
  • Participation in projects


We offer optimal development and monitoring for each one of our processes in order to provide the highest quality standards.

Our philosophy is aimed to ensure continuous improvement by increasing efficiency and reducing costs, and maintaining the motivation in our human talent while keeping our plant in constant productivity. This philosophy has led us to certifications such as:

  • ISO 9001 version 2015 issued by the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC)
  • Health inspection concept granted by the INVIMA (National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring).
  • Certificación de calificación de proveedores COFACE.

Health Certification


Social responsibility and ethical obligation to the packing industry to ensure that our packing does not affect or alter the characteristics of the product it contains, and also ensure the health of the consumer or end user.


To comply with the existing legal framework in the national and international community (Resolutions 683 and 4143, 2012 Ministry of Health Colombia, GMC Resolution No32 / 10 MERCOSUR, FDA regulation for Polymers (apart 177- 170), EU Regulation No10 2011 (EN 1186, 1-14).